Regulation and Homeostasis in Biological Model Systems

BIO 6505 4 Quarter Hours
Course Level CPS - Graduate
Description Focuses on the regulatory processes in biological model systems in specimens such as mice, fruit flies, worms, yeasts, and plant genetic models. Studies self-regulation and how it operates, from a whole organism’s physiology down to cellular processes. Topics include molecular basis of excitable membranes, neurotransmission as a model of ligand/receptor interactions, chemical communication between cells, lesion or mutation as a method to uncover normal function, neural bases of sensory and motor systems’ gene regulation, non-Mendelian genetics and biotechnology, and growth and development of multicellular organisms. Uses new technologies and case studies in the discussion of those topics. Includes explanation of concepts, laboratory activities, classroom discussion on the application of the material to the classroom, and readings.


Students should refer to the CPS Prerequisite Table for course prerequisite and corequisite information.


Course Sections

There are no current sections scheduled for this course. Undergraduate course numbers changed beginning with the Fall 2016 term. Please make sure you are using the current course number.
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