Increase in Quarter Hour Requirement for the Doctor of Education

Frequently Asked Questions

The College of Professional Studies (CPS) is increasing the number of credit hours required to complete the Doctor of Education program to 60 quarter hours for all incoming students to these program who will begin in winter 2014. Students previously enrolled in these programs will be required to complete the 45 quarter hours specified for this degree before the change including students who enter the program in summer 2013.

The increase is part of the College's ongoing efforts to strengthen degree programs to ensure that they are rigorous, relevant and current.

The new requirements are effective on January 1, 2014 and apply to all students who will commence their course of study in the winter 2014 term. This change also applies to all future students beginning their studies later in 2014 and beyond.

In order to provide additional context around this change, below includes a list of frequently asked questions and answers:

Q: I saw a message on the CPS website announcing that the credit requirements for the Doctor of Education program have increased to 60 credits. Why was this change made?

A: The College of Professional Studies reviews degree program curricula regularly and considers student, faculty and external input and the changing demands of professional fields. This is an ongoing and dynamic process to ensure that CPS degrees remain rigorous, relevant and current. In light of all of these factors, the College is complementing and strengthening this program. This change will expand the breadth of course options for students and the effect of this change will differ from student to student depending on your curricular path.

Q: Am I affected? How do I know?

A: Students who began classes prior to the winter 2014 term are not affected by this change. You can verify this information on SSB by viewing your catalog term: 

-Log into myNEU
-Select the self-service tab
-Select the student self service link in the Registrar box
-Select the student records link
-Select the view student information
-Choose the current term and press submit. Your catalog term will be listed under your Curriculum information. If the catalog term is prior to winter 2014, you are not affected by this change.

Q: I plan on starting my studies after the winter 2014 term. Will I be required to complete 60 quarter hours? 

A: Yes, all students in affected programs who start during or after winter 2014 will need to complete 60 credits.

Q: I was accepted to CPS for the summer 2013 term, but I want to defer my admission until the winter 2014 term. Am I affected by this change? 

A: Yes, all students who begin their coursework during or after the winter 2014 term will be required to complete the new requirements, regardless of when they were accepted to the program.

Q: I am re-entering the program after a year-long hiatus from coursework. Will I be affected by the new quarter hour requirements?

A: Yes, any student who re-enters a program in which the quarter hours have increased will be required to comply with the new curriculum. Please contact your Student Success Specialist at to request re-entry. 

Q: What additional courses will be added to the curriculum? Do I now have more course options? 

A: You will be required to complete three additional elective courses, which are any offering scheduled outside of the required foundational, research, and concentration courses. Students will have the option at the time of application until the end of their first term of enrollment to petition for advanced graduate credit that may be used to satisfy up to nine quarter hours of elective credit. Click here to learn more.

Q: I still have questions. Who can I contact? 

A: Applicants to the EdD program in Boston, please contact Neil Hourihan in the Admissions Office at Applicants to the EdD program in Charlotte or Seattle, please contact Diane Grobecker at Current students may contact Student Success Specialist Clara Lau at for program advising.