Considering an EdD?

A degree that puts your research interests into practice

Doctoral Hooding Education Students
A doctorate of education from Northeastern University teaches skills for advancing a career in education, preparing for executive leadership, or designing a curriculum in any field. Its practice-based research model shows experienced professionals how theory applies directly to critical issues in their field.

Taking Classes

Our EdD courses follow 12-week terms that begin in September, January, and April—and an 8-week term beginning in July. Most classes are completely online, using collaborative learning software and virtual communication tools for sharing ideas and research. The program also includes a summer residency component where faculty and fellow students connect face-to-face.

Choosing a Campus

While mostly online, the program also requires a face-to-face learning experience at one of our three campus locations in Boston, MA, Seattle, WA or Charlotte, NC. Students have the chance to connect in person with faculty and fellow students to share knowledge and experiences in the campus environment.

Finishing a Doctoral Thesis

After completing their courses, students examine a specific problem of educational practice with a doctoral thesis. It should investigate a topic the student is passionate about and apply scholarly research to find ways to address it in practice. Students must present a formal proposal and the final thesis defense to a committee of faculty who advise and approve their research strategy.

Is Your Master's Degree Not in Education?

Many professionals seek an EdD to advance careers in educational administration, but the knowledge you’ll gain from our program will help you apply proven scholarly research principles to any field. A master’s degree in any discipline serves as a good foundation for our EdD program, which offers a comprehensive curriculum of essential educational theories and research skills.

Alumni Research

Watch our webinar on "5 Ways a Professional Doctorate Can Benefit Your Career" to find out more about how our Doctor of Education program could enhance your professional aspirations.