Doctoral Thesis

Doctoral Thesis
What are you most passionate about? What questions keep you up at night? Those are the problems we want to help you solve with your doctoral thesis.

Student Tip:
Keep a list of articles and research ideas that interest you, so you’ll have a place to start when deciding on a topic for your thesis.
The doctoral thesis is a research project you’ll work on independently after completing two years of coursework. You’ll work with an adviser to choose a specific problem of educational practice, then determine a research timeline that works for you. The faculty will guide you through the research process and approvals along the way to your final presentation and submission.

Research for the Real World

Because our university focuses on a scholar-practitioner model, your research should not only investigate a problem, but also suggest ways to address it in practice.

Many students’ doctoral theses involve the design, implementation, and evaluation of a research-based intervention. Examples include innovative approaches to teaching and learning among target student groups from pre-K through G16, organizational restructuring plans, new faculty development strategies, new leadership models for higher education administration, policy papers, and program assessments.

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