Enrollment Statistics

Master of Science in Project Management (part-time) No. of Years 2011 2012 2013
Maximum Time to Graduation 7      
Students beginning Enrollment by Year (all terms -- includes re-entries and new starts)   418 585 693
Students with Degrees Conferred by Year (all terms)   142 174 248
Students Continuing Enrollment at end of year, by  Year (all terms)   259 374 365
Students who Withdrew by Year (all terms)   29 42 71
Retention Rate (%) by Year (all terms).   92% 93% 86%
Graduation Rate (%).   66% 74% 77%
Employment Rates by Year* (all terms)   91% 73% 63%

NOTE: For the 2013 column for the retention rate, the current Fiscal Year is not complete, therefore these data are incomplete.

*The method of measuring employment of graduates changed between 2011 and 2012-2013. Graduates in 2011 (n=46 for the MS in Project Management and n=1 for the MS in Leadership with a Project Management specialization) were surveyed 6 months following the spring graduation and answered "Yes" to the question, “Did you have a job when you graduated with this degree?” or "Yes, I have a new job" to the question, “Has your employment changed since graduation?” Graduates in 2012 (n=20) and 2013 (n=69) were surveyed at the time of graduation and were counted as employed if they responded “Working full-time,” “Working part-time,” or “Currently negotiating with one or more organizations” directly upon graduation. Thus, the two rates are not directly comparable and caution is necessary in interpreting these figures.

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