Department of Education Minor

We have suspended new enrollments to the Department of Education minor and are no longer accepting applications for admission.

If you are a current student enrolled in this program, our advising staff will work with you to complete all coursework.


Most majors in the College of Arts, Media & Design, College of Science, College of Social Sciences & Humanities may choose to minor in education. The minor in education includes courses that carry fieldwork so that students may gain a genuine appreciation for the dynamics of K-6 classrooms and the actual implementation of curriculum and assessment.

Students seeking initial licensure in elementary education (Grades 1-6) must complete all required coursework for their approved major, all required education coursework (including fieldwork), a one-semester education-focused co-op, pass all required Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure, and successfully complete a one-semester teaching practicum with seminar. The director of field placement works with students to identify an appropriate placement for their four-month student teaching experience in one of the several partnering Boston public schools. During student teaching, each student works directly with a Boston teacher and a university supervisor and enrolls in a reflective seminar.

To sum up, an undergraduate at NU has two choices in the education department:

  • A minor in education
  • A minor plus student teaching that leads to a preliminary Massachusetts license at the elementary level
  • A psychology and education combined major that aligns with the requirements above (including student teaching) and includes specific coursework in psychology.