Carol Ann Sharicz, EdD

EdD (Human Resources Education), Boston University
MEd (Human Resources Education), Boston University

Carol Ann Sharicz is a faculty member in the Graduate Education programs, including the Doctor of Education program. Her research interests include systems thinking, systemic interventions in organizations, and organizational leadership. Dr. Sharicz is the author of The Big Picture: A Systems Thinking Story for Managers and the coauthor of “The Shift Needed for Sustainability” in The Learning Organization and “Power and Empowerment in a Non-Profit Organization” in the American Journal of Psychological Research. She has teaching, consulting, and research experience in 12 countries to date, including Europe, Australia, Brazil, former Soviet Union countries, Russia, India, and Japan.

Previously, Dr. Sharicz was a professor at Suffolk University, where she designed or co-designed several degree programs, including the master’s degree in Adult and Organizational Learning and the master’s degree in Human Resources. She also served as the senior training instructor for Technical and Leadership Development at Motorola. While working at the Center for International Business and Economic Development at Bryant College, she conducted research in Russia and Estonia on organizations making the transition to a market-based economy and taught systems thinking in Belarus.

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