Cristine McMartin-Miller, PhD

PhD (English), Purdue University
MA (Linguistics with Teaching English as a Second Language), University of Iowa

Cristine McMartin MillerCristine McMartin-Miller is an Associate Teaching Professor in the Global Pathways and American Classroom programs. Her research interests include teacher practices and student perspectives toward error treatment in second language writing. Dr. McMartin-Miller is the coauthor of numerous articles that have been published in the Journal of Second Language Writing, SLW News, and The INTESOL Journal.

Previously, Dr. McMartin-Miller was a graduate instructor in the English department at Purdue University, where she designed and taught in the Afghan Junior Faculty Development Program, served as a rater and tutor in the School of Computer and Electrical Engineering’s Oral English Proficiency Program, and taught in the ESOL at Purdue Village. She also was a faculty instructor at the International Language Institute at Texas A&M International University and an instructor at the University of Iowa’s Intensive English Program. 

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