2017 Graduation Speaker

Lindsay Levin
Founder & Partner, Leaders' Quest

2017 Graduation Speaker

Lindsay is dedicated to cultivating wise, compassionate leaders who are capable of leading amidst competing priorities and rapid change.

She has experienced the highs and lows of leadership firsthand, having spent the first fifteen years of her career building companies from scratch as an entrepreneur. In 2001, she founded Leaders’ Quest, a social enterprise with a clear mission: to contribute to a more sustainable, equitable world by bridging the gaps that keep us apart, whether they’re differences in resources or in perspectives.

What began as a one-room venture now operates across 22 countries. To date, Leaders’ Quest has delivered 250+ transformational programs for more than 7,500 senior leaders. Core to the work are two ideas: some of the most powerful learning in life comes from hands on experience; and if we want to help transform the world around us we must be prepared to transform ourselves.

Much of Lindsay’s time is spent working with CEOs and their teams (from corporates and non-profits) to focus on building purposeful, values-driven organizations. Her latest project, Future Stewards, is a five-year program to help leaders from business, civil society, and governments make breakthroughs on climate change by 2020. 

Lindsay also advises other mission-led organizations. In 2004 she founded the Leaders’ Quest Foundation to nurture talented grassroots leaders in financially poor communities. She serves on the board of Hartford Care, a nursing home group in the UK, and Unitus Capital, an India-based investment firm focused on small businesses that benefit people with limited resources. From 2008 to 2012 she was Chair of the International Steering Committee of OneVoice, which works with Israelis and Palestinians committed to peaceful coexistence.

Lindsay lives in New York with her husband, David, and their youngest son, Louis; their older sons, Zac and Joe, are at university in the UK. Her book,  Invisible Giants: changing the world one step at a time , was published by Vala in 2013.

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