Husky Card Info

All College of Professional Studies students who are enrolled in a certificate or degree program and are actively taking at least one course are eligible to apply for a Husky Card. The Husky Card remains active for as long as a student has an active student record. Once a student graduates or moves to inactive status, the card is no longer valid.

A Husky Card will give students access to most university resources but there are some resources that are only available to students who pay an additional fee. Access to the Marino Center and other athletic facilities on campus, for example, would require a $10/term fee as well as the completion of a Recreation Fee Request. For detailed information about the Husky card, please click here.

Students who do not take courses on the main Boston campus or cannot make it to the Husky Card Office during their hours of operation may apply for the Husky Card online. Newly accepted students who are enrolled in one or more courses should apply for a Husky Card after the third week of the term.

You must use your Husky email account to email  to request access to upload your photo for the Husky Card.  Please include your NUID number and your mailing address. Your mailing address MUST match the mailing address on record at the Registrar's system. You may verify this information via your myNEU account. If you need to update your mailing address on the Registrar's system, please do so as follows:

  1. Log in to your myNEU portal.
  2. Click on the Self-Service tab.
  3. On the left-hand side of the page, select "Change of Address" under the Registrar heading.
  4. Select the "Edit" button next to your permanent address.
  5. Edit the permanent address as appropriate and press the "Submit" button.

Once your information is verified by the Husky Card Office, you will receive an email response to inform you of access to upload your photo.

Once your photo is submitted, it will take up to one week for the photo to be approved and the Husky Card to be mailed to you. Please allow more time for international mail.


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