Coaching Worksheets and Tools

Here you can download our most frequently used coaching worksheets and tools on key topics. Want more information or to access more resources on any of these topics and much more? To make an appointment or explore the full range of resources available visit our career coaching home page at or our online resource center filled with short videos and other resources at 

Co-Op and Internship Key Steps and Checklist

Your Career and Academic Coach and your Experiential Learning Coach are here to partner with you in creating and executing on your plan for experiential learning and in your  co-op or internship search.  This worksheet gives you an overview of the key steps and timelines for participation in co-op and internships and provides you with the action steps to take checklist to be completed in partnership with your coach. Download this before you meet with your coach to create and execute on your experiential plan.

Graduate Student – International

Undergraduate Student – International

Skills Self-Assessment Worksheet

Taking the time to do an honest and thorough self-assessment and evaluation of your skills, strengths, and interests is a critical step to take on a regular basis. This is a tool and exercise that we recommend at the start of your program, that you update each term, and throughout your professional career. 

Career Action Planning Worksheet

A Career Action Plan is simply a road map that helps you define and document the steps to take to achieve your career goals. We recommend that you work with your career and academic coach to create this document at the start of your program and update it throughout. This allows you to have the maximum amount of time to take advantage of the various courses, experiences, and student services you have access to during your time as a student. However, this is a flexible process that can be started or updated at any time.

Resumé Checklist and Example

The goal of a resumé is simply to effectively get you the interview. Refer to this checklist and sample resumé to make sure you are using the most effective format to convey your unique and key skills in a resume.

Cover Letter Checklist and Example 

The role of the cover letter is to 1) demonstrate your knowledge of the position and company, 2) show your enthusiasm for the role, and 3) emphasize your most relevant skills. One of the questions we often hear is - do employers actually read a cover letter? Yes - they do! A well written, concise cover letter or email can absolutely help you stand out in a competitive job search.

Networking and Informational Interviewing

Networking allows you to explore careers, research industries, learn about companies, and find out about jobs, increase your knowledge of how to enter or get ahead in your field and uncover job leads and get tips about interviewing. Informational interviews allow you to gain insider advice and information into the specific skills, available opportunities, inform your development, and engage your professional network. Use these resources to maximize your success.

Networking 101

Informational Interviews

Tools for Informational Interviews


The job interview plays a specific role in the hiring process. For you as a candidate, the job interview is an opportunity to communicate critical and relevant information about you and your experience, gain information about the job and the company, discover if you and the job/ organization are a match. For the employer, the job opportunity is a chance to learn about your qualifications, assess how well you match the job requirements and company culture, promote the company to attract the best people for the job.

Preparing for a Job Interview

Mock Interview Questions

Job Search Checklist

A job (or internship or coop) search can take 3 months+, depending on how targeted a role you are seeking and the effort/ activity you put into it. These tips can help you be effective as possible

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