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Enhance Your Management Capabilities

Across all industries and types of organizations, there exists a universal need for proficient managers. To prepare you for a career in management, the Fast-Track Bachelor of Science in Management focuses on management functions, processes, and skills—enabling you to effectively respond to complex business and management challenges.

Featuring courses in accounting, business law, marketing, communications, project management, international business, and information systems, this program, which is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), provides students the opportunity to gain functional knowledge in the areas necessary to become effective managers. By successfully completing this program, you will enhance your understanding of what is required to capably solve problems, manage resources, and oversee staff on a day-to-day basis. 

This program is designed for students who have completed an associate degree or equivalent credits, and who would like to complete their bachelor's degree at an accelerated pace. While students can transfer previous credits from any discipline, admission to the program requires successful completion of a course in financial accounting, college algebra or college-level math, Principles of Marketing and Introduction to Business or Introduction to Management.

Formats: The Fast-Track Bachelor of Science in Management is also available for students who would like to complete this degree at their own pace, visit our  Bachelor of Science in Management web page.

Career Outlook

Given organizations’ continuous need for qualified managers, those with bachelor’s degrees in management are well positioned to obtain a supervisory or mid-level management position. Specific job prospects, however, are highly contingent upon the industry that you choose to enter.

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Required Courses

Semester 1 (13 s.h.)

ENG 3107 Writing for the Professions-Business and Social Sciences 3 s.h.
ENG 3108 Writing for the Professions-Business and Social Sciences Lab 1 s.h.
ACC 2200 Managerial Accounting 3 s.h.
MGT 2100 Principles of Management 3 s.h.
MKT 2100 Principles of Marketing 3 s.h.

Semester 2 (12 s.h.)

FIN 2105 Introduction to Corporate Finance 3 s.h.
MTH 2300 Business Statistics 3 s.h.
MGT 2210 Information within the Enterprise 3 s.h.
MGT 2330 Business Law 3 s.h.

Semester 3 (12 s.h.)

MGT 2220 Supply Chain Management 3 s.h.
PHL 2100 Business Ethics 3 s.h.
HRM 2320 Human Resources Management 3 s.h.
  Professional elective 3 s.h.

Semester 4 (12 s.h.)

MGT 4210 Project Management 3 s.h.
MGT 3220 International Business 3 s.h.
MGT 4230 New Venture Creation 3 s.h.
  Professional elective 3 s.h.

Semester 5 (11 s.h.)

MGT 4850 Business Strategy 4 s.h.
MGT 4220 Innovation and Change Management 3 s.h.
  Professional elective 3 s.h.
  Seminar 1 s.h.

Required minimum credit hours: 60 s.h.


Elective Options

Choose from the following courses for electives in semesters 2-5.

CMN 1100  Organizational Communication 3 s.h.
CMN 2310 Professional Speaking 3 s.h.
CMN 3100 Negotiation 3 s.h.
CMN 3350 Intercultural Communication & the Organization 3 s.h.
ITC 2430 E-Commerce 3 s.h.
LDR 1200 Assessing Your Leadership Capacity 3 s.h.
MKT 2220 Consumer Behavior 3 s.h.
ENG 3300 Literature and Business Leadership 3 s.h.


Admissions Requirements

Admissions Criteria:

In order to apply, applicants need to have completed an associate degree or 60 semester hours of transferrable college credit. For more information about prerequisite courses, please contact an admissions representative at 1.877.668.7727. We look forward to hearing from you!

Below are the official Admissions Requirements for this program.

Student Profile

Who Will Your Classmates Be? 

Simply put, this undergraduate degree program is for students who wish to assume or move into a management position. A degree in management is universally applicable, and the skills you acquire can be applied in any number of organizations.

Given the expansiveness of the field, job titles can vary greatly. However, graduates are equipped to consider careers as:

  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Team leaders
  • Project managers

Program Format

This accelerated program is designed for students who have earned an associate degree or the equivalent number of credits (80 quarter hours or 60 semester hours) and are looking to earn their bachelor's degree at an accelerated pace. The Office of Admissions will work with applicants to evaluate and accept as many previously completed credits as possible.

Formats & Schedule

The Fast-Track 18-month Bachelor of Science in Management is offered as on-campus or online program.

On-campus classes meet at a designated time at the Boston main campus or the Downtown Boston campus on Broad Street. This format allows for face-to-face interaction with instructors and fellow students. Classes are also augmented with online learning through instructor-facilitated lessons and assignments using Northeastern University’s state-of-the-art learning management system.

On-campus classes meet one week night per week and every other Saturday, and participants complete all coursework with the same group of students. 

The online format offers flexibility and convenience for working professionals with demanding schedules across the world. Using Northeastern University’s state-of-the-art learning management system and you will be guided through online coursework by your instructors.

Online classes are asynchronous, so there is no designated meeting time. Also, all online Fast-Track courses are completed with the same group of students allowing you to interact with familiar classmates over the six term schedule.

Additional Benefits:

  • Complete your degree in 18 months
  • Know your six-term course plan when you begin your program
  • Fast-Track program managers register you for all courses and advise you throughout your entire academic program
  • Develop a valuable network of professional contacts
  • Learn from classmates and the various industries and professions they represent 


Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes


  1. Specialized Knowledge
    Define, differentiate, and properly use management functions, modalities, methods, processes and skills to demonstrate fluency and the ability to apply them to a variety of organizations and their resources in local and global management contexts.

  2. Broad Integrative Knowledge
    Examine, frame and propose “the best approaches” to understand, analyze, and resolve management related issues or challenges by integrating the most appropriate interdisciplinary perspective(s) acquired through the study of communication, information literacy, mathematics, and ethical, political, science and historical perspectives with acquired management functions, modalities, and methods.

  3. Intellectual Skills
    Differentiate and incorporate multiple information resources to construct sustainable and coherent arguments or presentations based on the “best management practice approaches” to developing, and designing solutions and communicating them effectively to a diverse workforce and in a highly competitive global market.

  4. Applied Learning
    Analyze, differentiate, illustrate and effectively use management functions, modalities and methods to provide realistic, actionable and appropriate “best approaches” to respect, focus and direct the energy and talent of an individual contributor, a team or an organization towards recognizing and satisfying the needs or interests of its customers whether in a local or global market.

  5. Civic Learning
    Engage, experience and develop the capacity to communicate with, appreciate and achieve results by discussions, case based studies, and team based learning activities in innovative and multi-cultural learning environments where the realities, challenges, hopes, and dreams of members of the global community are real and realized.Given organizations’ continuous need for qualified managers, those with bachelor’s degrees in management are well positioned to obtain a supervisory or mid-level management position. Specific job prospects, however, are highly contingent upon the industry that you choose to enter.


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