Tutoring Services

Tutoring can benefit skilled professionals and beginning students alike. Whether you’re struggling with organic chemistry, working on a long paper, or putting the finishing touches on a presentation, NU offers many opportunities for you to enhance your academic work and professional skills through free one-on-one academic support on and off campus.

If you have any questions concerning available academic support options or requests in an area not covered by these services, please e-mail the Academic Project Manager, Ori Fienberg (o.fienberg@northeastern.edu).


International Tutoring Center

50-minute appointments for English language instruction, including writing, conversation, pronunciation, reading, and TOEFL and career prep.  Various formats of tutorials offered including in-person, online, one-on-one, and group appointments.

  • Available to: All CPS international students
  • Location: 88 Snell Library (basement) and online
  • Type of Tutor: Primarily ESL professionals with advanced degrees
  • Appointment Types:   In-person, online, one-on-one, and groups

To learn more about the International Tutoring Center please click here.


Northeastern Writing Center

45-minute appointments cover writing topics from start-to-finish such as research, organization, development, introductions, conclusions, multimedia projects, and formatting.

  • Available to: All CPS students
  • Locations: 412 Holmes Hall, 136 Snell Library and online.
  • Type of Tutor: Trained Undergraduate, MA, and PhD students
  • Appointment Types: In-person and online.

To learn more about the  Northeastern Writing Center  please click here.


Northeastern Math Center

Half-hour and hour-long appointments provide guidance in algebra, precalculus, or calculus. The Math Center is not available May through August.

  • Available to: All CPS students who need support up through Calculus I
  • Location: 540B Nightingale
  • Type of Tutor: Math majors and graduate students
  • Appointment Types: In-person (Boston)

 To learn more about the  Northeastern Math Center  please call 617.373.2438.



CPS partners with smarthinking to offer online tutoring, synchronous or asynchronous, in many different subjects such as writing, reading, basic math through multivariate calculus, business, biology, chemistry, and physics. smarthinking is available year-round.

  • Available to: All CPS students who have access to CPS Online (Blackboard)
  • Location: All online, synchronous and asynchronous
  • Type of Tutor: 90 percent have a master’s or doctoral degree in their field

You can access smarthinking directly by logging into CPS Online (Blackboard) and clicking the “Free Online Tutoring” link in the column labelled “Tools” on the left. Make sure that you have any pop-up or ad-blockers disabled otherwise you will be unable to access the service.


Next Term Starts
  • Summer Graduate
    Jul 10, 2017 (4-, 6-, and 8-week classes)
    Aug 7, 2017 (4-week classes)
  • Fall Undergraduate
    Sep 4, 2017 (7.5- and 15-week classes)
    Oct 25, 2017 (7.5-week classes)
  • Fall Graduate
    Sep 18, 2017 (6- and 12-week classes)
    Oct 30, 2017 (6-week classes)

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